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3 months of entering the UK

What do I do if I want to be self-employed?

You do not need to apply for a yellow card confirming that you have permission to be self-employed, but you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are genuinely self-employed if you are challenged. You must register with HM Revenue and Customs immediately by telephoning 0845 915 4515. There is a penalty of £100 for late registration.  Bulgarians & Romanians do have a right of residence in any EU Member State for the first 3 months of residence and can remain legally resident in that state as long as they wish if they are exercising a treaty right as a self-employed person.

Accession Worker Card

There are 3 stages to applying for an accession worker card:

  1. Your employer must apply for a work permit, unless your job will be in a category that does not need a work permit.
  2. If the Home Office approve your employer's application for a work permit, they will send you a letter of approval. You must then apply for an accession worker card using application form BR3, enclosing your letter of approval with your application.
  3. If your employer has made an application for a work permit and the letter of approval is pending, you can also apply for an accession worker card using application form BR3.

Note: If you require an accession worker card and you have been offered a job before you come to the UK, you can apply for the document from outside the UK.

Authorising Officer
All sponsors applying for a licence must appoint an authorising officer. You can only have 1 authorising officer. You are fully responsible for the actions of your authorising officer, so you should ensure that you give this position to a senior and competent person within your organisation.

Blue registration certificates

These certificates indicate that the holder can work in the UK without restrictions. Blue registration certificates are issued to Bulgarian and Romanian nationals who are highly skilled, or are exempt from the requirement to obtain an accession worker card.

A BR1 is issued to a Bulgarian or Romanian who applies to the Home Office as either
self-employed, a student, self-sufficient, or a worker/jobseeker in the UK and are exempt from worker authorisation (blue card) or are a direct family member of a Bulgarian or Romanian worker who holds an accession worker card.


A BR2 is now only issued to Bulgarians or Romanians who are classed as Highly Skilled Migrants, also known as HSMP. The minimum qualification to apply is a Bachelor’s degree.


A BR3 is assigned to a work permit that the Home Office approves to nationals of Bulgaria and Romania who intend to take-up skilled work in the United Kingdom and who are subject to the requirement to hold an Accession Worker Card.


A BR4 is used to apply for an accession worker card for a family member who wishes to also hold an accession worker card. The family member must obtain a letter of employment.


A BR5 is used where a non EEA national can prove they are married or civil partnership and if proven the non EEA family member can apply under BR5 and if approved work in the UK.


If the Bulgarian or Romanian national has obtained an accession worker card and they have family members who are not nationals of an EEA state, they may apply for a family member residence stamp using form BR6.

Care letter

When Global 4 Immigration accepts any migrant application, we will provide each migrant with a care letter that covers past immigration and current immigration information and visa options thereafter.  The care letter will cover other key information which is designed to help each migrant understand the Home Office policy guidelines.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

This certificate is also known as a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, which is issued by an approved Home Office training institute to non EU nationals who wish to come to the UK to study or extend their UK studies.

Note: On the 6 April of each year, the UK training institutes are required to apply for a new 12 month Certificate of Sponsorship allocation.  Any unused Certificate of Sponsorships in the previous 12 months are removed by the Home Office and can no longer be used.

Certificate of Sponsorship

This certificate is also known as a Certificate of Sponsorship. A Certificate of Sponsorship is issued by a UK business if they wish to employ a skilled migrant under tier 2 or a temporary migrant under tier 5. A Certificate of Sponsorship replaced the work permit in November 2008 and is a virtual certificate that is created by the Home Office online Sponsorship Management System. Once a Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued, the migrant must use the Certificate of Sponsorship within 13 weeks or the Certificate of Sponsorship will become invalid.

Contract of Service

This type of contract is normally associated to someone working as self-employed and a contract of service is an agreement between two businesses.  Anyone working self-employed who provides a service, should have such an agreement in place to protect both businesses and provide evidence to the HMRC that you are indeed self-employed and not employed.

EU Treaty Rights

As a Bulgarian or Romanian national, you are able to move and live freely in any Member State of the European Union (EU). You will have a right of residence in any EU Member State for the first 3 months of residence on an unrestricted basis and you can remain legally resident in that state as long as you wish, providing you are exercising a Treaty right as a student, a self-employed person, or if you are self-sufficient (and not economically active). You will not have an automatic right to reside as a worker in the UK unless you are exempt from work authorisation requirements.

G4I Terms and conditions

Before any visa application can be accepted or work carried out by Global 4 Immigration, our terms and conditions must be signed.

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

Also known as the HMRC or HM Revenue & Customs, they regulate all UK employment for taxes. If you decide to take-up self-employment you must register with the HMRC for a Unique Taxpayer Reference.

Key Contact

A Key Contact is an individual that is assigned to a sponsor licence. If the Home Office needs to contact a business that holds a sponsor licence, they will initially contact the Key Contact. The key contact does not have any access to the sponsor management system.

Level 1 User

A level 1 user has full access to the sponsor management system and can issue a migrant a Certificate of Sponsorship and, update the sponsor management system so the Home Office is aware of any changes to the migrant details or business.

Level 2 User

A level 2 is the same as a level one user, but with less authority.  Level 2 users are unable to request changes to the sponsor management system or request additional or new allocation of Certificate of Sponsorship or Certificate of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.

NQF level 6

If you are applying to work in the UK using a Certificate of Sponsorship assigned on or after 14 June 2012, the Certificate of Sponsorship must confirm that the job is at NQF level 6 (or the equivalent in Scotland) as stated in the Home Office codes of practice, or the job is a creative sector occupation skilled to NQF level 4 as listed in the Tier 2 & 5 Sponsor Guidance. This does not mean that you must be educated to that level; it means that the job is at that level. The Certificate of Sponsorship must also confirm that you will be paid at or above the appropriate rate for the job.

Registration Certificate

You can apply for a registration certificate if you are in the UK as a self-employed person, a student or a self-sufficient person. If you are exempt from worker authorisation, you can apply for a registration certificate as a worker or jobseeker.

Residential labour market test

This is required if any UK business who holds a tier 2 sponsor licence who wishes to employ a skilled non EEA worker and if the job on offer is not on the UK National Shortage Occupational list then the job must be advertised in the jobcentre (DirectGov) and one of the approved advertising media in the Home Office policy guidelines.

Set fee Invoice

Global 4 Immigration will state a fee at the beginning of the application and this is the only fee that we will charge you.  Please note that any fees relating to issuance of a CAS (students), Certificate of Sponsorship (skilled or temporary workers) do not include any Home Office fees.  These fees must be paid directly to the Home Office by either the UK business or migrant.

Sponsor licence down graded or removed
Your business rating will reflect any track record you have in employing or teaching migrants, and will appear on the published register of sponsors. If the Home Office suspends your business sponsor licence, they will remove your rating from the register during the suspension period. If the suspension is lifted, they will reinstate your name on the register with the rating they award your business (either A or B).

Sponsor Management System

Also known as SMS, this is what the Home Office provides UK businesses who wish to employ migrants under tier 2 and 5, and for education institutes, tier 4.  Within the SMS system, (online software that you access by logging in), you would request assign Certificate of Sponsorships or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies and ensure your business and migrant details are correct at all times. If a migrant leaves your business or does not turn up at all you are required to inform the Home Office through the SMS.

Home Office Sponsor Licence grading system

How does the Home Office award a UK business their rating?

When the Home Office approves your sponsor licence, they will either award you an A rating or a B rating depending on your application's merits.

Visa application form

Global 4 Immigration will email to each migrant our internal immigration form so we can obtain all information about the migrant to help us to correctly process their visa application.

Visa Clarification form

Global 4 Immigration will only accept an application if the migrant completes our internal application form and provide us with copies of their supportive documents.  If these two guidelines are not met, then Global 4 Immigration will decline the migrant application.

Visa covering letter

When posts to the migrant their completed visa application form, accompanied to this form will be a covering letter to the Home Office caseworker, explaining the migrant application and documents supplied.

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