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Important Announcement For Sponsor Licence Holders

UK businesses who obtained their sponsor licence in 2008 will be required shortly to renew. To find our more click Renewing your sponsor licence.

If you are a UK business looking to employ a skilled worker under Tier 2 of the Points Based System or Tier 5, or if you are a UK training institute and need to accept students under Tier 4, you will need to apply to the Home Office for a Sponsor Licence.

Below is a process on how we would help your business obtain a sponsor licence.

Sponsor Licence Pre-Check

  1. What kind non EU migrants do you wish to employ or students to teach?
  2. If your business (Known as head office) has more than one business premises (known as a branch), will the migrants you plan to employ/teach be located in more than one branch?
  3. If you have multiple head offices, did you know you could have all head offices under one sponsor licence or if preferred have a separate sponsor licence per head office?
  4. Your head office will need to appoint an Authorising Officer, this person will responsible for the sponsor licence and making sure the head office complies to the Home Office sponsor licence policies.
  5. Before a sponsor licence should be applied for, the authorising officer should carry out an immigration check to see if any migrant are currently employed.
  6. Before a sponsor licence should be applied for, the authorising officer should carry out an HR check to see if all employees’ employment files are in order and contain the right information to comply with the Home Office compliance policies.
  7. Once points 5 and 6 are completed you will need to estimate how many CoS or CAS you will require during 6 April to 5 April?
  8. You will need to put in place a system to prevent illegal employment and keep records of the migrant key details.  This means any migrant you hire you must keep a track when their visa will expire.
  9. For training institutes they need to have in place a system to monitor when students turn-up for their studies, not turn-up, take holiday, go off sick and log study activity.
  10. If your business decides to hire/teach migrants across a number of branches, the authorising officer needs to ensure they have a system in place to monitor and control all branches.  Note: If one branch breaches any sponsor licence compliance policies, did you realise that the whole group have their sponsor licence down-graded or removed?
  11. Once the authorising officer is 100% happy that points 5-10 is in order only then you should apply for a sponsor licence.

Would you like help in applying for your sponsor licence?

Did you know in 2008 when the Home Office first introduced the sponsor licence they asked UK immigration companies to submit to the Home Office how they can help support the Home Office and teach UK businesses on the correct procedures on how to apply for a sponsor licence?  Global 4 Immigration (G4I) was appointed as one of those companies.  This means, we know what processes you must follow and your business will be in good hands.

We offer two services to help you apply:

Service 1 - HR Systems Compliance Audit (HRSCA)

The HRSCA is where we visit your business premises and carry out a compliance check on your HR system.  The HRSCA is a confidential audit and it would be just like the Home Office Compliance Officer doing an inspection but with ours we will notify you in writing what needs to be done to be compliant.  We will provide you with a report broken down in the 5 key areas the Home Office Compliance Officer will audit you under.

Our fees for this service

We charge a set day rate of £500 plus travel costs from our premises to your premises.  If your organisation is very large and we need to visit more of your head offices or branches we will just charge a day rate until the job is down.  Prior to any visit we would assess your group and advise you in advance the time to complete this exercise.

Once you are compliant we would then help you apply on the Home Office website for a sponsor licence.

Service 2 - Sponsor Licence Application (SLA)

If you prefer not to have the HRSCA, but prefer the SLA instead, then this is optional to you. The SLA means we do not visit your business premises, we simply advise you over the phone and by email how to get your HR system in place and compliant, advise you what documents you will need to submit to the Home Office with your sponsor licence and help you over the telephone when you actually apply for a sponsor licence.

Our fees for this service

We charge a flat rate of £250 to carry out this service.

Additional FREE Services

If your business already hires migrants, then these migrant immigration papers need to be verified if valid, otherwise if the Home Office carries out an inspection and finds any migrant on incorrect papers or no papers, your business can face a civil penalty up to £10,000 per illegal worker and a possible custodial sentence.

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