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    If time is precious to you and you need to apply urgently for a visa to either enter or remain in the UK. Contact us today and we explain how quick you can obtain your visa.
  • Global4Immigration

    VISA & Business Support services
    Apply today for free immigration advice or apply for our set fee services

    If you need help in apply for a new entry visa to the UK or you need help switching into a new visa category, we can guide you through the process and provide you your options
  • Global4Immigration

    VISA & Business Support services
    Apply today for free immigration advice or apply for our set fee services

    If you qualify for naturalisation we can help you process this application, guide you on what to do at your ceremony and how to apply for your first British passport.
  • Global4Immigration

    VISA & Business Support services
    Apply today for free immigration advice or apply for our set fee services

    Are you a business that sponsors migrant workers? If you are we can help you obtain a sponsor licence and we can provide you the HR software to help you stay compliant.
  • Global4Immigration

    VISA & Business Support services
    Apply today for free immigration advice or apply for our set fee services

    Are you an Entrepreneur with an aspiring business idea and want to start-up a business in the UK? If yes, we can help you every step of the way including preparing your business plan.

Key Immigration Services

Free Immigration Advice

Need to know if you can apply for a visa?
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10 Days Priority Visa Service

Do you need a Tier 2 visa in 10 working days?
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Same Day Visa Services

Do you need a visa approved the same day?
Booking and attendance appointment service.
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Tier 1 Visa Services

Do you need an Entrepreneur visa?
Do you need an Investor visa?
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Tier 2 Visa Services

Can I apply for a skilled workers visa?
Can I switch or extend this visa route?
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Tier 5 Visa Services

Can I apply for a temporary workers visa?
Can I switch or extend this visa route?
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Student Visa Services

Do you need enter the UK as a student?
Do you need to remain in the UK as a student?
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Marriage & Civil Partnerships

Do you need to apply for marriage, fiancée or visit visa to attend or marry your partner?
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Family Applications

Do you need to enter or remain in the UK with your UK settled person (non EEA national)?
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EEA Nationals

Do you need to enter or remain in the UK with your EEA family member?
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Nationality & Citizenship

Can you apply for Naturalisation?
How to proceed with this type of application?
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Settling in the UK

Do you know if you can settle in the UK?
Need help in completing the right visa form?
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Sponsor Licence Application

Do you need to apply for a sponsor licence?
Are you ready for a Home Office inspection?
Would you pass such an inspection?
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Sponsor Licence Support

Updating your Home Office SMS?
Manage your Unrestricted/Restricted CoSs?
HR software support services
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HR Compliance Audit

Need help in getting your HR in order?
G4I can audit your HR and advice your what needs to be done to be fully compliant.
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Cloud-Based HR Compliance Software

Keeping your business SAFE and fully COMPLIANT

ComTracker has been designed as a Home Office compliance software to help you manage your HR in accordance to the 5 Key Areas of 'good HR Practices'. No organisation wants to fall foul of the Home Office so by using our software we help you stay compliant in real-time. 

ComTracker has 10 interactice tools that will help you prevent non-compliance. These include interviewing, CVs, references, immigration checks, employment documentation, shifts, leave control, tracking of compliance data such as passports, visas, DBS, NMC, GMC, SIA, DVLA, Accreditations, Insurance etc. 

staffing tools for your employed staf

Time to cut business costs

Compliance tools to track workers data
Sponsor licence training
visa services
Apply for a sponsor licence

Testimonials from Clients

  • Bereavement visa

    Chaysiri P

    Immigration Services
    Bereavement visa

    I contacted Citizen Advice Bureau as my last appointed immigration company failed to provide any immigration services even though we paid them £1200. Soon after I arrived in the UK my husband died so I decided to speak to the Citizen Advice Bureau for guidance and they put me in contact with Paul at Global 4 Immigration. Paul met me, reassured me that I met the bereavement visa route even thou I only been in the UK just over 2 months. Paul was great, he dealt with my visa form, guided me on what documents I needed, spoke to my solicitor who was dealing with my last husband estate and I needed to urgently return home as my mother was poorly so he recommended a same day visa appointment which he booked, attended with me on the day, got the visa approved and within a few days my biometric card arrived so I could travel immediately. Without any doubt Global has reassured me that there are good immigration companies out there that care, thank you so much.

  • UK entry visa

    Mo C

    Immigration Services
    Work permit entry visa, tier 2 visa and settlement

    When I first came to the UK in 2008 a law firm was contracted to sort out my work permit and entry visa but my UK sponsor terminated them and appointed Global 4 Immigration that specialises in the work permit route. I arrived in the UK with their expert help and when my visa needed renewing my employer needed a tier 2 sponsor licence which Global 4 Immigration processed and got me a new visa. I had a few issues which Global addressed with me and my employer and guided all parties on what to do within the immigration rules. When it came to my settlement visa I needed Global help so I asked them to book and attend my same day visa appointment to ensure everything went as smooth as possible. My visa was successful and can only thank the team at global for all their support. I can highly recommend Global to anyone business or skilled worker needing immigration or sponsor licence services.

  • partner visa extension

    Hori P

    Immigration Services
    Partner visa further leave to remain

    I have used Global 4 Immigration twice now and both times they have resolved my further leave to remain visa issues there and then. Immigration can be complex but they made it so simple and guided me not only what documents that I needed, they structured the application making it easier for the caseworker to process, their visa support letter identified to the caseworker why I should have my visa extended as a partner to a UK settled person. In my last visa application I had to apply under the 28 day rule and not only did they guide me on my rights under the 28 days rule, they even at no extra cost kept my employer updated which helped me keep my job which was essential. I would recommend Paul at Global to anyone needing a visa, great work many thanks.

  • settlement under long residence

    Kerim T

    Immigration Services
    Settlement under 10 years Long Residence

    I contacted Global 4 Immigration as I need help in applying under 10 years long residence visa route. I have held a number of different visas in the last 10 years and I was not sure if I could apply especially with this financial rule that came into force in 2012. I was also concerned on the outcome for my family as they had to apply independently to me. I spoke to Global who met me, listened to my issues, addressed each one of them and agreed a structure with me and an action plan to first resolve my settlement visa, then address my family applications. Global compiled all the documents, advised me what was missing, what needed updating and how to get certain documents. I attended my own same day visa appointment because the Global visa support letter explained my case in detail. The service was excellent and I have friends who need similar services so I will directing my friends to Global.

  • Entry visa to the UK

    Nitish U

    Immigration Services
    Entry visa to settlement

    My sponsor contacted Global 4 Immigration for entry visas for myself and my family. Over the last 5 years I have used Global 4 Immigration to change UK employers by obtaining new tier 2 visas. Even when the sponsor changed ownership and I wanted to move employers they guided me how and when to do it so we are not in breach or our UK stay. After 5 years in the UK, I decided to apply for settlement which Global 4 Immigration processed all of our visas and as they had a immigration history on file they processed our settlement visas which got approved. My family and l would like to thank the team at Global 4 Immigration for all their hard work and support over the years. 

  • tier 2 urgent visa

    Abdul H

    Immigration Services
    Tier 2 visa

    I had an issue with my visa which I could not understand and was not sure if I was deemed an over stayer or not. I contact Global 4 Immigration to investigate my visa and they confirmed that I could apply within the UK and under what options. One option was to switch into Tier 2 whilst in the UK as I had already identified a UK employer, but they had no sponsor licence. I asked global if they could help the employer and they successfully applied for a sponsor licence which was approved under Tier 2 General. Global processed the CoS, my visa application, obtained me a 10 day visa priority slot so I could start my job asap. Global managed the entire process for me and my sponsor and without their help I do not believe I would still be in the UK. To this day I call Global for advice which they provide free of charge putting my mind to rest. Fantastic service and I would highly recommend Global 4 immigration to anyone needing immigration or sponsor licence services.

  • remaining in the UK visa

    Mookda D

    Immigration Services
    Remaining in the UK spouse to UK settled person

    I originally had an issue when I applied to renew my spouse visa with the Home Office which was rejected but approved under discretionary leave. I was not sure what I had to do next so I was recommended to use Global 4 Immigration who explained that I was put on a discretionary leave visa due to one simple error made in my previous visa application. They advised me of my options, what I had to do, when I was eligible for settlement and how to remain in the UK with my children. They completed the visa form, produced a visa support letter outlining my exceptional circumstances to the caseworker and listed all documents to submit with the visa form. I now know my future with regarding visa processes as they gave me a care letter outlining my rights and things to do. I was so relieved to get my visa approved for 3 more years.  Great job Global highly recommend!

  • remaining in the Uk

    Phil B

    Immigration Services
    Remaining in the UK as an adult child (Armed Forces)

    I entered the UK when I was 2 years old and now that I am an adult to parents of the armed forces I was concerned I would be asked to leave the UK as many adult children have been asked to leave the UK due to their independence. I spoke to Global who investigated my case and after a lot of research they found the options open to me and a solution subject to getting the right evidence. As my parents cannot obtain settlement outright which meant I could not either, I applied for a 5 year extension visa. The Home Office dragged my application on for nearly 9 months due to their incompetence but Global kept on chasing them and eventually I got my visa approved. Global kept my employer updated as my current visa had now expired. Thanks to Global I got my visa and kept my job, excellent service and highly recommended! 

  • applying for naturalisation

    Elizabeth C

    Immigration Services
    Applying for naturalisation

    I contacted my local immigration company for help in applying for naturalisation as I have been in the UK for 13 years under settlement. My application was complex as I run my own business and I spent more days out of the UK than permitted due to my business activities. I am married to a British citizen and during my application I fell pregnant and really wanted British nationality so that all of my family members could be British. I asked Global 4 immigration to process my application knowing that they could reject my application based on the number of days I had spent out of the UK even though I had strong evidence for this. Global prepared a strong case which the Home Office rejected. Once the Secretary of State assessed my case based on the initial application, the Home Office was overruled and my application was approved. Even if you fall outside of the rules, if your application is presented well and you follow the process to the end, anything is possible. Global did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone needing to apply for naturalisation.